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  • Write your Clinical Briefs in Overleaf: New template for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health (EMPH) from Oxford University Press

    Posted by John on March 3, 2015

    Overleaf is delighted to bring you a new Clinical Briefs template for submissions to Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (EMPH), an open access journal from Oxford University Press.

    Overleaf EMPH template

    Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health’s Clinical Briefs are pioneering, one-page summaries of evolutionary thought as applied to clinical conditions and pathologies. Clinical Briefs are designed to be accessible in style and useful for medical practitioners.

    Speaking about the new link with Overleaf, Claire Rawlinson, Head of Life Sciences at Oxford University Press says:

    Overleaf templates are not just great for collaborative authoring, they are also a fantastic way of seeing what your published article will look like. The Overleaf template will help authors to see exactly how many words and references they can fit on the page at the very start of the publication process, saving time and editing post-acceptance.

    Once your Clinical Brief is ready for submission, all you have to do is click the “Submit to EMPH” option from within Overleaf to download all the files required for submission and to be taken to the EMPH submission portal to complete the process.

    Overleaf EMPH template submission modal

    The Overleaf template for EMPH Clinical Briefs is available here, and if you’d like more information about Overleaf and how we can set up templates and submission links for your own journals, please get in touch.

    About EMPH

    Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is an open access journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. It aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives.

    Visit the EMPH website to read about how bipedalism made child birth dangerous or why having a fever can be good for you. Or submit your own Clinical Brief using our new Overleaf template.

    About Overleaf

    Founded in 2012 as WriteLaTeX and now a portfolio company of Digital Science, the newly relaunched Overleaf has grown rapidly to become an innovative provider of scholarly writing tools. With over 170,000 users worldwide, Overleaf makes the power of professional typesetting immediately accessible to all scientists and technical writers at all stages of their career.

    In July 2014, Overleaf was crowned Innovative Internet Business of 2014 at the Nominet Internet Awards held in London, representing the pinnacle of online innovation in the UK.

    Visit and follow @Overleaf on Twitter.

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