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    Posted by James on April 22, 2013

    This article was originally published on the ShareLaTeX blog and is reproduced here for archival purposes.

    LaTeX can be difficult to learn since there are lots of commands that you need to understand. We've made LaTeX really easy to get started with at ShareLaTeX, but haven't yet been able replace the need to learn how to use it! We can, however, give you as much of a helping hand as possible, and so we've been working on putting together a large set of guides for how to do things in LaTeX. These are now available at:

    What we have so far is only the starting point of what we hope will grow into a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to LaTeX. We'll be adding lots to is over the coming months, but it's hosted on the same platform as Wikipedia so that anyone can help us out and improve the guides for other users.

    We've been careful not to focus on ShareLaTeX, so that these guides should be useful to you whichever LaTeX editor you are using.

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