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arXiv / bioRxiv Template
arXiv / bioRxiv Template
Template for writing scientific manuscripts. Features several examples of how to embed figures directly into the text. Use it to create compiled PDFs - e.g. for pre-peer review publication on the arXiv, bioRxiv, or to a repository such as figshare. To submit your manuscript to the arXiv, bioRxiv, figshare or one of many other destinations linked to from Overleaf, simply click the 'Journals & Services' button on the top bar of the Overleaf editor and choose the appropriate destination from the menu. You can also use the 'Download as zip - for submission' option in the Project menu to download a zip file containing all the required files for the submission (e.g. including the .bbl file if you've used a bibliography file for your references).
Philipp Schlegel

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