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info If you’re an administrator looking for support with Managed Users, please visit our page for admins.

Managed Overleaf accounts are user accounts that are managed by your group or organization. They’re designed to help organizations ensure their work remains secure and accessible to them, even if someone leaves the organization. For this reason, managed user accounts should only be used for working on projects for the organization who owns the account.

How do I know if my Overleaf account is managed?

You can easily check if your Overleaf account is managed. It’ll be highlighted at the top of your account settings page.

Image displaying Overleaf account settings where you can check if your Overleaf account is managed

What’s the difference between a managed user account and an unmanaged user account?

If your account is managed, there are a few key things you will not be able to do:

  • Delete your account
  • Change the account email address
  • Have a secondary email address (or add a secondary address)
  • Link your account to ORCID
  • Start a new subscription or join another subscription using the same email address

Your group administrator will have admin rights over your account. Administrators and managers will be able to:

  • Delete your account
  • Reassign ownership of your projects to another group member if your account is deleted

Keep work and personal projects separate

It’s important to only use your managed Overleaf account for your group or organization’s work. If your group admin or a group manager deletes your account, they will be able to transfer the ownership of all of your Overleaf projects. This includes any personal files in your account.

It’s easy to keep your personal files separate. You can set up a separate Overleaf account under a personal email address and transfer ownership of your personal files to this account.

Stopping an individual subscription

Users who agree to have a managed account can't have an individual subscription associated with that Overleaf account.

If you need to cancel an individual subscription to enable you to join a managed group, please contact Overleaf support. We can stop your subscription and issue a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your latest payment.

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